Friday, August 29, 2014

The allure was too strong and we yielded to its draw… We returned to Routt last weekend for more camping and riding.  This time, we sought out some single-track trails that will be closed to motorized vehicles after Labor Day (Elk mating season!)    On the trails we saw many mule deer and lots of elk track.  At night, we heard wolves.  It was eerie and beautiful all at the same time.   While we are quite familiar with coyotes yipping at night around our communities on the front range, the sonorous wolf is much different and unmistakable.

We took Forest Road 107 to a high pass on the Continental Divide at around 10,500 ft.  There is a hiking trail that runs along the ridge and over the peaks… that would be a strenuous hike!   The road ended at the saddle between two peaks in a large expand of alpine tundra.  A beautiful place for lunch!