Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The End of the Cafe Racers

Well, maybe not really The End, but more of a time-out.  Time to hibernate for a season.  Cafe Racers are jealous creatures.  They permit but one rider.  Their solo-seat a not so subtle attempt to force monogamy upon their enraptured rider.  But, I cannot spend all of my attention on the preening, invidious mares in the garage.   There are others in my life with whom I long to share the joys of motorized two-wheel joy.

So, its time to do something else.   While I will miss those Cafe Bikes and their bright, candy-colored dreams, there are too many dirt roads and rocky single track.  There are Colorado rocky trails that need to be explored and remote campgrounds to discover.   Places where delicate and sophisticated road bikes dare not tread with their fancy shoes.

We have traded our beautiful prancing mares for a trailer of dirty old mules.  Mules that will carry us up dusty canyons and through crunchy forests of spruce and pine.  Loyal new companions that require a new kind of husbandry in the barn.

New adventures await.