Saturday, March 16, 2024

Helmet Time

The wind filtered through my helmet and made my eyes wet. But I didn't mind. I rolled my right hand back and fed the machine more fuel. It is not a racing bike, but for these backroads it's perfect. It launches me up the hollows and around the twisty curves with thrust and enthusiasm. A willing accomplice. 

What I needed tonight was a temporary escape. When I get in the helmet, the phone doesn't connect. Texts and emails do not come through. It is an alone time when no one can reach you.

This trusty horse is responsive and does not judge. When I need her, she says, "Lets go!" And she is willing to run. 

Tonight we traveled together through the darkness of river smells and nighttime scenes, engaged in tandem moving through space and time. Feeling the cold air. Feeling it sweep around us. Pushing it aside and blasting up the hill rush on the way back home, we burned through the cold air with a joy that left my eyes crying.